I Wanna (Original Single) by Alsa

Discover POP I Wanna (Original Single) by Alsa
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I Wanna (Original Single) by Alsa is a commercial pop that is k- pop inspired but gives Disney princess vibes, that would fit perfectly for tangled or Sophia the first. It gives a calming and soothing romantic tune that is fun and enjoyable and reminds you of your youth and the good times you've spent, with relatable lyrics that capture the essence of the songs tune. Alsa has impressively written the lyrics to I wanna herself and I find this to be a very impressive feat, because the lyrics put you in a state of euphoria and Transend you into a place of your imagination where you feel as if you are the star of your own romance novel/Disney movie. Personally I think that Alsa is a talented singer/songwriter that deserves a listen because she truly is an upcoming star.

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