Hollow (Original Single) by Kit Citrine

Discover POP Hollow (Original Single) by Kit Citrine

Kit Citrine has released a new magical edgy single that will rock your world, Hollow (Original Single) is an alt rock pop track that is written produced and vocalized by Kit Citrine.

This single is emotional and meaningful where anyone who has lost or grieved can relate to, kit citrine wrote it overnight when coming to town for her dads funeral, she used this single to express her grief.

“Hollow” is the third single to be released from Citrine’s debut album, “Midnight Masquerade”, which will be released in full on September 16, 2022.  And I cant wait for the rest of her album, because it its anything like Hallow it will be a definite hit.

I am in love with Hallow,  Kit Citrine is a definite talented and brilliant soul that will reach her ambitions, You will definitely enjoy her art. You must give Hollow (Original Single) by Kit Citrine a listen.

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