Joe Bygraves is a name you’re sure to hear more of in 2024. This 27-year-old singer-songwriter from Bedfordshire has been creating a big name for himself. Today I’m checking out his latest single “Healing.”

The melody just pulled me right in from the start. It made me feel all warm inside, like hugging an old friend. Pretty soon I was lost in the music and feeling super nostalgic. Each time I listened, I noticed new little things I hadn’t heard before. Like the faint backup vocals and light keys. They gave the song so much depth and made me feel close to it.

You could picture yourself singing this around a campfire on a summer night. Music is best when it brings people together, and this song does that. His voice is smooth as silk but with some grit too. That gives the song an edge that grabs you. This track was super comforting, and I could relate to the feelings a lot.

Joe is no stranger to big performances. He’s opened for famous artists like Paloma Faith, Jools Holland, and Ronan Keating in front of huge crowds of thousands. But his talents also shine on a smaller scale. When it’s just him and his guitar, his songs take on a haunting feel. I’m very excited about his future based on this song.

He likes folk singers who tell stories with their songs. But he also looks up to pop stars who make hits, like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and Bedfordshire-based artist Tom Grennan. Joe blends different styles into music that sticks with you. Whether he draws from folk or pop, he makes the kind of songs you just want to listen to again and again. He puts feelings into lyrics that pair with tunes you can’t forget. Joe is very talented. You need to check out “Healing” and see for yourself why it’s so memorable.

With his assured vocals and gift for melody, Joe Bygraves is primed for big things in 2024. “Healing” is the perfect showcase for his talents, at once deeply personal yet massively rousing. It’s left me eager to hear what else this rising star has in store. Wherever his musical journey takes him, I am confident Joe will continue making songs you can lose yourself in. The best way to listen is to stream it online. All you need to do is search for “Joe Healing” on your favorite music apps or streaming sites.

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