GrayBeat – Levitron (Original Single)

New GrayBeat – Levitron (Original Single)
GrayBeat Levitron (Original Single) GrayBeat - Levitron[/caption] I experienced this mental development firsthand. When I listened to this piece, I suddenly understood quantum physics, and while sitting at my desk, listening to this piece, I had the idea of building a particle collider where the temperature inside could be reduced to absolute zero, making it possible to collide particles without the slightest interruption. Anyway, I'll get right to it. What I find most interesting about this piece is that the composer was born in a time when music was evolving into a new generation, so his life was caught between two conflicting styles of music. This piece is unique in that both styles seem to have influenced it equally, neither more so than the other, and the final result was a brilliant mix that can appeal to a wider audience. Listen and follow
    "Levitron (ft. Wayne Sayres)” is GrayBeat’s surprise follow up to the recently released and highly acclaimed independent production “Paper Shoes”. In contrast, it is a playful and whimsical number, with captivating rhythms and spacey synth work throughout. An otherworldly-sounding refrain demands, “Levitation for me now”. Renowned saxophonist, and Minnesota native, Wayne Sayres (Rolling Stoners, Well Trained Monkey), is featured on this crisp, pristine sounding production. In fact, he drives the song home with a cathartic sax solo performance.

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