The Infinity Process wants you to open your eyes with their new single, “Glitches.” This alternative metal band from Toledo, Ohio creates music that makes you think and feels deep in your soul.

The guitar plays an urgent, offbeat sound that puts you on edge. The drums drive the song with a powerful beat. But it’s the vocals that will move you the most. The singer’s voice flows beautifully between loud, raw singing. She takes you on a trip exploring what it means to question what’s real.

The verses provide a striking picture. They sing about relying too much on technology and how physical life and the digital world blur together. But it’s the big changes in the song’s structure that show its deep meaning best. The choruses swell up and feel otherworldly before plunging down into tense, gritty bridges. These shifts mirror the unsettling feeling of doubting what reality truly is.

The band combines complex music and lyrics to create a multi-layered track that makes you want to listen again and again. They tackle challenging topics like artificial intelligence, the idea that life could be simulated, and fuzzy lines between what’s real and virtual. Through this poetic, moving song, The Infinity Process sparks ideas and feelings that will stay with you long after. Their talent shines a light on existential issues in a way that’s powerful and soul-touching.

The Infinity Process helps bring their song’s concepts to life through a compelling music video. The video was directed by John Fleischman. It stars actor Aaron Collins as a man stuck in a strange repeat of time. Filmed with a clean, sterile look like The Matrix, the video leaves you wondering – is the man trapped in a computer simulation, or facing a deeper question about existence?

With “Glitches,” The Infinity Process shows their talent for building layered, stimulating rock that makes you hit replay. Fans of complex alternative metal from bands like Helmet and Thrice will see how much skill goes into the group’s songs and themes. Even casual listeners will find the musical and visual experience grabs them. It gets people talking about big issues where technology and what’s real meet.

This single deserves attention from anyone interested in that important connection. The Infinity Process takes their fans on a journey of discovery through sound and vision. They blend art and introspection in a way that sticks with you and feeds your mind. With talents like this Toledo trio, music becomes so much more than what’s on the surface. It can spark real ideas and feelings about life’s deepest questions. Stream it today.

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