Gillgil (Original Album) By Gillian Rae Perry

Discover POP Gillgil (Original Album) By Gillian Rae Perry

Hold onto your chairs people because things are about to start exploding with Gillian Rae Perry’s latest new album release, "Gilligil". The great talent is back at it with her angelic voice, unique music, and unfamiliar art again to bless us with this latest album of 10 unique songs and almost forty minutes of entertainment.

Gillian Rae Perry is not a small artist by any means in this industry being an award-winning composer for the Tennessee Valley Music Festival Young Composers Competition along with her work being performed by the Modern Orchestra, Euclid Quartet, Aperture Duo, and members of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. In 2018, she was awarded a Composition Fellowship with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

Recently, your favorite artist has been diagnosed with ‘Depression with Mixed Features. Basically, she experiences a massive range of mood swings, from the high highs to the low lows and this is what her latest album is about. "Gilligil" is an explosion of emotions as Gillian tries to have her emotions felt through the angelic vocals and music in her songs. We can promise you that this album will take you on a ride on a spectrum of emotions; a truly remarkable experience. Gillian really hopes that this album will be able to connect to people going through the same symptoms she experiences.

We are truly looking forward to seeing the reviews on this album as we are expecting to see a massive variation in song favorites in this album due to how relatable the music is depending on your state of mind. Beautiful is music when it comes from the soul... Perfect it is when it reaches into one.

So give the album a go you will not regret it, make sure to help this artist go even bigger because she truly deserves all the possible recognition she can get. Follow her social media platforms to show her some love and be sure to check out her official website to stay up to date with her latest performances and upcoming releases. 

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