Flashflood (Original Single) By Culture Shock!

The scalding suns of Cape Coral forged Culture Shock! in fire and brimstone. Ben, Ethan, and Travis have been crafting their incendiary rock and roll since learning to hold instruments, though Travis only recently joined their sonic fray. At long last, their debut unleashes the fever and passion they’ve harbored for decades.

If any song stands to ignite their following and forge new disciples, it’s “Flashflood”. This track storms forth with irresistible hooks and abrasive grit. It’s Culture Shock!’s defiant howl, a rallying cry for their faithful, and a threat display for doubters. This single snarls and seethes, refusing to resemble anything but itself. Ben’s menacing bass and Travis’s distorted guitar sewing a powerful stitch through Ethan’s hammering drumbeat.

Culture Shock! emerged from Florida with blood in their eyes and rock and roll in their veins. “Flashflood” is the visceral evidence, an aggressive track to drown out the haters and amplify the believers. This song is Culture Shock!’s roar, unhinged and unchecked, mustering their ranks and laying claim to their power.

The band that never forgot where they came from now threatens to shake the world. Culture Shock! has come to reclaim rock and roll, one furious, feedback-drenched song at a time. They are the sound of rebellion in the streets, the wail that wakes the dead, the rage that refuses silence. Each note a battle cry, every lyric a declaration of war, “Flashflood” scratches and claws and you must give it a listen. This is a band that breathes fire, unwilling to temper their sonic assault for even a moment. Culture Shock! crafts hard-hitting rock and roll with hooked-in teeth and bloodied knuckles, leaving an indelible mark on all those fortunate enough to cross their path.

Culture Shock! hails from the sweltering shores of Cape Coral, channeling the unrestrained energy of Florida into their pounding rock and roll. Their debut unveils the fury they’ve long awaited to unleash, and “Flashflood” stands as proof of the reckoning to come. Stream “Flashflood” on Spotify, and follow Culture Shock! on their social media pages to stay updated on all new releases.

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