Don’t Feed the Demons By MOON AND ARIES


Electronic music duo MOON AND ARIES have long been on a mission to elevate consciousness through their genre-defying sound. Based between Canada and Germany, Jordana Moon and Tom Aries defy the constraints of distance to craft soundscapes that transport listeners to new realms of thought and feeling.

Their latest single "Don’t Feed the Demons" takes this intention to new heights. Over a shimmering synth-pop backdrop, Jordana’s ethereal vocals paint a vivid picture of the internal struggles we all face. As the band explained, this song is about "facing your inner demons with courage and determination, knowing that your outer world will then reflect your positive metamorphosis."

True to form, MOON AND ARIES draws from a rich palette of styles—here the track starts with a chilled-out melodic structure before launching into a sweeping cinematic chorus that pulls the listener in with its visceral energy. Layered textures of sound and voice swirl together hypnotically. It’s the kind of song that demands your full attention, drawing you deep into its mystical world.

Like all great storytellers, MOON AND ARIES imbue "Don’t Feed the Demons" with deeply symbolic meaning while keeping the story universally relatable. Jordana’s astonishing vocals guide us through the dark night of the soul, imparting gentle wisdom about nourishing our highest selves instead of dwelling in fear and anguish. It’s a spiritual journey set to song.

Beyond the message, the song’s musicality stands out with Tom’s lush, inventive production. Interweaving elements of Trip Hop, soul, and electronic pop, he crafts a sound both modern and timeless. Jordana’s heartfelt delivery gives it a soul. Together, their collaboration has resulted in one of their most vibrant and uplifting tracks yet.

This track sucks you in while also opening your mind up to bigger possibilities. "Don't Feed the Demons" is so personal, but also takes you to a whole other world, where everything feels clearer. The textures and Jordana's voice become your private journey of self-discovery. You can almost feel yourself relaxing deeper into your own thoughts.

If you're looking for some peaceful solace or motivation to figure stuff out, this song is it. Give "Don't Feed the Demons" a listen - it's honestly the best kind of company for your thoughts, wherever they take you. Stream it now and see if it doesn't become your new favorite enhancer of alone time or self-reflection. I have a feeling that once you experience the vibe Jordana and Tom created, it'll become your go-to for all kinds of meaningful solo adventures.

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