Emerging pop artist Joshua Pearlstein knows a thing or two about the creation of an instantly catchy pop song. With his latest single "Endorphins," the singer-songwriter shows an innate understanding of what makes a track irresistibly fun but still connects greatly with you. Over the past year, Pearlstein has gained steady momentum with great releases like "Heartless Binge" and "Wandering Degenerate" which exhibited his skills as a melodist, lyricist, and sonic architect. "Endorphins" marks another scintillating step forward in Pearlstein's burgeoning career and proves he is an artist to keep a close eye on.

Joshua is already achieving tangible success with his current body of released works. By now, he has accrued over 4,474 monthly listeners across platforms like Spotify. His debut single "Heartless Binge" has seen especially strong engagement since its release last month, amassing over 7k streams. These streaming numbers display that listeners are actively responding to and sharing Pearlstein's captivating brand of postmodern pop.

The track starts with a slick, powerful electronic beat and luminescent synth pads that immediately command attention. Pearlstein establishes a stylish, dancefloor-ready starting point with propulsive percussion and stuttering hi-hats. However, he infuses the production with subtle details that give it replayability, like the ambient textures and rises in the breakdown. The blend of modern electro-pop design with the addition of cinematic flair and depth creates a very rich single. Throughout the track, Joshua layers multilayered harmonies and rhythmical progressions into the mix to continuously engage the listener. The production achieves that perfect balance of energetic momentum that keeps the ears engaged from start to finish.

Joshua Pearlstein has a very nice pop tone to his voice, which assures me he will be the next big pop name. With his tenor range, he brings out the lyrics with an honest spirit that enhances their impact. The song is filled with passion. It's a vocally dexterous and soul-baring showing that elevates the track immensely.

Joshua explained how he worked very hard on the track, and of course, you can hear that. "I made this song in 36 hours from start to finish after a girl rejected me, and everything just clicked. I wrote this song because of a feeling I have that the Divine forces that be are keeping love away from me because it would distract me from making music." He even exclaimed how proud he was of this release.

With "Endorphins," Joshua Pearlstein demonstrates why he deserves recognition among modern pop's most promising voices. He has a preternatural ability to come up with buzzing, smash-hit-worthy songs that also pack an underlying wallop. Pearlstein knows what it takes to make a song great, whether it's ingenious melodic hooks, intricate arrangements, or deeply vulnerable lyrics. He has a very bright future paving new roads in mainstream pop if he keeps nurturing his distinct artistry. With masterful singles like "Endorphins," Joshua Pearlstein is well on his way to doing just that. To experience the full majesty of "Endorphins" for yourself, be sure to stream the track today on Spotify or your preferred platform.

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