Wandering Degenerate By JOSHUA PEARLSTEIN


I know many of you have heard the buzz about the stunning new talent that is gracing our playlists lately. Joshua Pearlstein is a rare find, a genuine artist who pours his heart and soul into every new song.

Joshua is an artist that creates perfect little worlds, each with its own fascinating character and story to uncover. His melodies act like companions, welcoming you in into his world. And the way he layers instrumental textures, like a master chef blending flavors, leaves you savoring each creative morsel.

Through dedication, and many hours working on his art, he is showing us who is the new boss. While his gifts are unquestionably God-given, with a touch for music that comes but once in a generation, it is what Joshua has done with that gift that astounds, he has nurtured it with focus, rigor and care. He is a luminary, a bright light whose rays will continue to inspire and uplift for years to come. He is an artist for the ages.

Now, with his second studio offering "Wandering Degenerate," Joshua promises to push the boundaries of what we think possible from one so gifted. Across this very well made pop song, we take a deeper dive into his work and art. An experience awaits that will send your senses soaring to new heights.

The production stands as a feat of brilliance. Layers of sonic textures and motifs interweave with the complexity and resonance of a masterwork, each element placed with purpose and feeling by Joshua's discerning and meticulous ear. From basslines that stir your soul to synth passages dancing upon the air, every choice underscores his virtuosity as an engineer of enveloping soundscapes.

His vocals are the real scene stealer. Joshua's voice is like liquid gold, dripping with beauty. He has this incredible range that you cannot get enough of. It's very poppy, it's sweet, and it's perfect for modern pop music. His voice is warm and inviting, making you just want to listen to his songs on repeat.

On "Wandering Degenerate," his vocals are even better than on the debut, showing us that with every new song, he will work harder. You will appreciate how real he is, and you'll be singing along in no time. It's a definite must-listen!

This is a gorgeous second release from Joshua that exceeds all expectations. If you enjoy finding new music from incredibly brilliant musicians, you should listen to Joshua's songs as quickly as possible; you don't want to be the last of your friends to hear this song.

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