Dirty Pixxx (Original Single) By Love Ghost

Discover POP Dirty Pixxx (Original Single) By Love Ghost

One of the most influential rising bands out there has dropped their latest original and the world is going nuts. "Dirty Pixxx" an erotic release by the magnificent Love Ghost is destroying all boundaries and I’m here to tell you all about it!!!

Love Ghost is an accomplished band of undeniable talents that has been delivering unmatched creativity and originality since day one as they’ve beautifully synergized in incredible harmony to create memorable music. The five-man band features the fantastic Finnegan Bell as lead vocalist and guitarist backed by Ryan Stevens the talented bassist, Daniel Alcala with impeccable guitar skills and sound engineer balancing, Cory Batchler perfecting the keys, and Daniel Gallardo the mad drummer. Everyone in the band contributes to the vocal performance of Finnegan adding a unique twist to the music tunes that make it stand out.

The band’s talents have not gone unnoticed as they’ve been covered by FLAUNT from the Rolling Stone magazine and have worked with global artists like Rico Nasty,Adan Cruz, Mabiland, and Tankurt Manas. Their latest release "Dirty Pixxx" includes collaboration with the exclusive Bali Baby who’s collaborated with the likes of Trippie Red, Kay the Yachy, and Sir’Shahly. Bali was covered by LA Weekly’s Shirley Ju as the hottest female artist to come out of Atlanta.

"Dirty Pixxx" is the first of many releases planned by Love Ghost as part of a more significant project. The single features Bali Baby and the talents of the band and is set to break all previous records held by Love Ghost, a feat I just can’t wait to witness firsthand. The song is an incredible production with punchy lyrics and a rich instrumental perfection that captivates the listener with the engaging powerful beat. An empowering song that bravely challenges the red flags in toxic relationships the single is set to connect with listeners globally.


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