Darker Than Midnight (Original Single) by Sharl and Daniel Bohen

Discover POP Darker Than Midnight (Original Single) by Sharl and Daniel Bohen

It is not so often that we do stumble upon songs that relate to us and help us with everyday struggles; songs that resonate with hope, pull us through those dark and challenging days, or just simply let us know that it is okay and the storm will pass. ‘Darker than Midnight’ is the latest release by Sharl with the collaboration of her friend and producer, Daniel Bohen. The new release is an incredible song that follows an upbeat that grows stronger through the song as if it’s a hand pulling out of the darkness and pulling you through your difficult days. Despite previous releases with her producer, Sharl decided that Daniel Bohen would be incorporated with her in this song. She believes their relationship has become strong enough to allow them to synergize and pull off this masterpiece. Sharl owns a catalog of eight songs and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, dedicated to becoming a global artist and inspiring people all around the world. Most of her music focuses on issues and struggles as she believes that music can help people pull through difficult times, especially today, as life is getting more complicated daily. While ‘Darker Than Midnight’ might seem to the listener a little darker than her other songs as it comes from personal struggles, Sharl believes that it is the emotions that fuel her music that it makes it so relatable to her audience. She truly hopes that through her music, her fans will be able to pull through difficult times or at the least provide them with a light glance at the end of a dark tunnel.

Her social media presence is still humble, with 500 followers on Instagram, but with your support, the sky is the limit. So, give her new release, ‘Darker than Midnight,’ a shot, and you will instantly fall in love with her and beg for more. Also, make sure to check out her website to remain up to date with her latest releases and projects in the links below.

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