Cartagena Crazy (Original Album) By Calvin Ryan

Discover POP Cartagena Crazy (Original Album) By Calvin Ryan

Calvin Ryan, born and raised in Queens, New York, is a bilingual hip-hop artist that is undoubtedly on the road to be dominating the industry. Grasping onto his Chino-Latino roots, Calvin has been able to successfully deliver bilingual lyrics through his songs, a skill that has helped him stand out of the crown in an incredibly competitive industry. Calvin Ryan plans on dropping his new album 'Cartagena Crazy' as part of the celebration of his quarter-century birthday. This album will be released on the 25th of August with seven unique songs for you to enjoy and vibe through. We've listened to the album and we recommend you start with 'Cartagena Crazy' as this song specifically holds a dear place in Calvin's heart as it has been inspired by real events that occurred to him on his trip to Columbia, where he met 'Leidy' a beautiful local in the place he stayed at. The lyrics focus a lot on imagery and symbolism that describe his encounter with this beauty that Calvin met during his trip, sentences like "All I'm thinking 'bout is my lady, my Cartagena baby" and "She from Bogota. She my baby" are directly referencing to her influence on our artist. In fact, Calvin Ryan wrote this song during his flight back home from Columbia just proves how much emotions were poured out into the writing of this piece. Calvin Ryan is by no means a minor artist. With over 13,000 followers on Instagram and over 2,500 monthly listeners on Spotify, this artist is breaking all barriers at a truly impressive pace. He has a massive library with 9 singles and two albums, 'LMK' with eight unique songs and the new 'Cartagena Crazy'. The man's so dedicated to his art that 'Cartagena Crazy' is actually his second album this year, not to mention his other single, 'Want You' with over 17,000 plays on Spotify.

If you are looking to discover a new artist and have a soft spot for bilingual artists as we do, Calvin Ryan is the artist for you, so check him out and make sure to stay up to date with his latest projects and music.

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