Black Sky, White Moon By MOSES MIKHEYEV

Discover POP Black Sky, White Moon By MOSES MIKHEYEV

Moses Mikheyev is the name of the new talent that will surely dominate the industry. The talented rising new artist is a multi-instrumental genius that plays and records his own songs, occasionally collaborating with other artists like Brandon Zano from the Zaano and David Gavrishov. Inspired by great artists and bands like Coldplay, Anberlin, Blue October, The Killers, Keane, Lifehouse, The Paper Kites, and The National; Moses Mekheyev sure knows how to aim big and has the talent and creativity to back it up. Experience allows artists to get creative with recording music. Moses has proven it by using tape machines and several guitars to get that rich, thick organic sound that is highly dominant in his new single. Based in Los Angeles and aiming to launch his first tour in the Summer/Fall of 2023, we are surely expecting to see this artist blow up afterward primarily since we've heard his brand new single 'Black Sky, White Moon' which, if you haven't streamed yet, you should.

The song is from his debut album, I ONLY HAVE A HUNDRED YEARS TO LOVE YOU. It'll be coming out in September 2023. It is being produced by Brandon Zano (of the rock band Zaano) and David Gavrishov. I am currently in conversation with the legendary, multi-Grammy-winning producer David Kershenbaum. He will likely produce several of the songs on the record as well.

The new single that depicts love in its most beautiful songs was inspired by memorable events that occurred to the artist when he met a beautiful Spanish girl in Seattle. As flawless described by Mr. Mikheyev, "I wrote the song for a Spanish girl I fell in love with back in Seattle. We made out one night under a black sky, with only the stars shivering above us, and I felt like I could love her for a hundred years. I wrote the song to celebrate the magic of that moment." Now that's romantic.

Moses Mikheyev already has a powerful presence on social media, rocking over 2500 followers on Instagram and an impressive 5000 monthly Spotify listeners. This artist is going big. Did we mention he has over 250,000 streams on Spotify? So give his new single 'Black Sky, White Moon' a shot, and you'll be rushing to his Spotify page to enjoy the other ten songs he has to offer.

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