Bahar (Original EP) by Islandman

Review Bahar (Original EP) by Islandman
 Bahar (Original EP) by Islandman Bahar (Original EP) by Islandman   Bahar from Islandman is an instrumental chillwave EP filled with rich and groove-filled soundscapes. Led by the gorgeous sound of the oud, Bahar is a strong introduction to promising new talent. is a musical project with a love of rich, groovy sounds and music. It features warm harmonies, deep bass and chillwave beats, melodies, and smooth electric and electronic instruments as well as band performances. The EP is available for free stream on all digital stores         Listen & Follow :
  ISLANDMAN ANNOUNCES NEW EP ‘BAHAR’ - Plus! long-awaited first UK Live Tour! “Islandman supplies slick multi-layered atmospheric downtempo electronica" Songlines “A spacey, hypnotic groove redolent of some digitized tropical rainforest” Sounds & Colours “…Learn more about the world through every sound they play, it’s hard to argue with that kind of driven desire” Pop Matters Hailing from the golden margins of the Bosphorus, much-hyped Istanbul-based psych-electro trio Islandman announce their 4th EP, ‘Bahar’, out on May 6th 2022, on Music For Dreams – plus their much anticipated first full UK tour!

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