BAGAÏ À L’endroit Où Dorment Les Hyènes

New BAGAÏ À L’endroit Où Dorment Les Hyènes
BAGAÏ À L'endroit Où Dorment Les Hyènes BAGAÏ À L'endroit Où Dorment Les Hyènes This album was kind of a surprise for me, it's not even real to my ears, and I've always wondered if there is no real art anymore. My main interest is electronic music, but when I listen to classical music, I try to visualize how it was done. Throughout this album, the melodies are all melodious and original. The vocals are warm and soulful. The lyrics of this song are thought-provoking and heart-warming, and my faith in humans is at an all-time high. Never underestimate this artist's power, as he will shazam all of the songs without noticing you.           Listen and follow: Bagaï presents "À l'endroit où dorment les Hyènes" A musical marriage of French song and alternative pop, "À l'endroit où dorment les Hyènes" is carried by the words and notes of Anne-Sophie Bourlaud, the soul of Bagaï. The production of Charles St-Amour puts in beauty magnificent arrangements. A powerful album that is one of those works that hits us full force the first time we listen to it. It is beautiful, great, inspiring. We retain from the experience an irresistible desire to return and follow it to the end. About Bagaï The word "Bagaï" comes from a language that cannot be written and evokes the roots and the land of Italian ancestors. Bagaï lives in Montreal and is a singer-songwriter, back vocal singer and lyricist in one of her parallel lives, and a research professional in cardiology and a student of astrology in the the other.    

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