All Changed By THE NOMADIC


Sydney-bred singer-songwriter Rob Gaylard recently returned to his hometown after several years of carving out a place for himself on the New York indie scene. On his new single "All Changes" with backing band The Nomadic, Gaylard reflects on life's winding path in his signature blend of introspective lyrics and anthemic melodies. The Nomadic are an indie rock band consisting of singer-songwriter Rob Gaylard alongside backing musicians Miles Thomas, Oliver Thorpe, and Brendan Clark. The ensemble, which has over 5k monthly listeners on Spotify, is becoming increasingly well-known for its powerful sound and provocative lyrical subjects.

The goal of "All Changed" is to submerge the listener in a tsunami of sound and feeling. Oliver Thorpe's rhythmic guitar line locks in tightly with pounding rhythms to create insistent forward momentum. Over this steady build, the vocals begin painting the lyrical picture, musing on the inevitable transformations we all endure as we journey through relationships, careers, hardships, and personal growth. The smooth vocals glide over with deep introspection.

The bassline rumbles beneath it all like the rumbling of inner change, while subtle string flourishes tease at deeper complexities. Dan Frizza's crystalline production elevates all these elements to symphonic heights. Layers peel back like the shells of an onion to reveal new depths and textures with each listen, ensuring this song reveals new emotional nuances even after countless replays.

Over four minutes, "All Changed" takes the listener on a journey through every emotional valley and peak that comes with life's winding road. But even as it explores heavy themes of "big life changes- growing up, forming close relationships, breaking up, changing jobs/ careers, changing mindset, staying resilient and growing and developing through pain and heartache", its overall tone is overwhelmingly hopeful and affirmative. By the final, extended iteration of its rousing chorus, you will leave feeling inspired, uplifted, and ready to face the road ahead, with whatever changes it may bring. In a divisive world, Rob Gaylard reminds us that underneath surface differences, our shared experiences unite us far more than any label could separate us.

It's no wonder this monumental rock anthem has already garnered buzz and praise upon its debut. With "All Changed", The Nomadic have built the kind of empowering, life-affirming music that sticks with the soul. For anyone facing life's inevitable changes, uncertainties or hardships, I recommend streaming the song. This is the sound of transformation in its purest, most rousing form, a musical journey well worth taking.

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