Treading Water By THE NOMADIC


It's been a good year already for Sydney-based indie rock outfit The Nomadic. After finding success with their debut album "My Mind is Racing" released back in 2022, frontman Rob Gaylard and company are now sharing the first taste of what's to come on their sophomore record "New Horizons" - the ethereal single "Treading Water."

"Treading Water" opens the door like the gentle waves of an ocean tide. A lilting acoustic guitar figure guides us into the song's hazy landscape as the vocals float above with relaxed grace. The melodies are coated with gracefulness, easing the mind to a place where worries drift away in the breeze. As the arrangement gradually expands, additional layers of ethereal guitars, strings, and percussion emerge to color the composition.

The track builds with momentum, allowing the lush textures to envelop you fully. It's like floating weightlessly, content to let the currents carry your cares wherever the tides may take them. When a driving electric guitar line enters to drive the song, it arrives as a natural progression of the journey. Gentle strings and keys enhance the atmospheric ascent.

Comparisons will undoubtedly be made between The Nomadic's sound and that of American indie greats The War on Drugs, and it's easy to hear why from "Treading Water." Both acts conjure sweeping sonic landscapes through layered guitars and keyboards. But The Nomadic also infuse their Americana-tinged rock with a distinctive sense of melody that gives their music an extra dose of dreamy beauty.

The accompanying music video perfectly encapsulates the hazy wanderlust of the track. It's an accompaniment that draws you deeper into the single's spell.

With "Treading Water," The Nomadic has set the stage for great things to come on "New Horizons." It's an auspicious first look at how Rob Gaylard and the band will continue expanding their palette after gaining experience all these years. For fans of atmospheric alt-rock, The Nomadic has already given us the perfect summer soundtrack for drifting wherever the tides may take us.

The voyage is only beginning - here's to seeing where new horizons may lead. Stream "Treading Water" on all major platforms to experience the track's mesmerizing flow for yourself. Check out the music video on YouTube.

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