Tu me manques By Alexiane

New Tu me manques By Alexiane
Alexiane Tu me manques (Original Single) Alexiane Tu me manques (Original Single) Alexiane is an artist with an extensive music background, having studied music from a young age and honed her skills over the years. She has a flair for creating lyrics that are both poetic and punchy. With a style that has been described as modern, melodic, and yet timelessly classical, his compositions draw inspiration from oceans, lakes, and forests around the world. Her release with instrumental arrangements is evocative of the sights and sounds of faraway lands!    
  • Listen & follow: Alexiane releases... «Tu me manques » In remembrance and tribute to those who have left us, Alexiane's unique voice brings out all the emotional notes of an intimate and touching work. Elegantly dressed and without artifice, the song gently takes us by the hand as well as by the heart.
About Alexiane The last two years have been exciting for Alexiane. The remix version of her song "A Million On My Soul" has broken records in many countries. Her first album, "Into The Sun", produced in close collaboration with Carla Bruni, was released to great acclaim. Also, the French adaptation of the song "You say you love me", "Sais-tu qui je suis (v.f.)", allowed Alexiane to be named iHeart Radio Rouge FM artist of the month last January.

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