I am back again with another music review for you all. This time we’re talking about an artist from Kenya who’s making some serious waves out in LA, Trevour Amunga. Trevour just dropped a new 3-track EP called “Akira’s Blues” and the album is a vibe for sure.

This EP was recorded at Golden Impala Studios in LA, with “My Cousin Housee” recorded in Trevour’s bedroom too. Darius Porter handled the mix/master and MBWAV produced the beats.

Let’s start with the opener, “Candy Paint.” Now, this track sets the mood perfectly. We come in easy with those dreamy synth lines floating all over the place. It’s got that upbeat hip-hop vibe that just lifts your spirits. The laid-back flow flows on that beat quickly too. He paints quick pictures with his lyrics about hustling and struggling financially but still pushing through.

Next is “My Cousin Housee,” which takes things to another level sonically. This beat is way more multilayered, yet grabs you just the same. His flow is crystal clear over this jam too. The song is about finding escape with family when life gets heavy, we all need that place to unwind.

Wrapping things up is “Brixton 3d.” Now, this joint has more of a melodious, steady vibe to it. Trevour gets real on this track, delivering a wake-up call to stop making excuses and chase those dreams like he did as a kid. You can feel his passion and ambition coming through.

Trevour’s first project “For Akira” was about youth and ambition, and he says this EP “Akira’s Blues” finds him still dealing with the same struggles and chasing the same goals. Just have to keep pushing through. Sonically he’s been bumping nothing but old soul like The Ohio Players and War, and you can hear how that influences his melodies and free self-expression.

In his own words, Trevour said “the worst thing that happened to us is that we grew, lost the charm that we had scared to try something new, but it’s still alright because I’m in love with you.” Keep pushing through the blues, Trevour! I think I’ve painted a clear picture of why Trevour Amunga’s “Akira’s Blues” EP is worth your time. This young artist is doing big things blending hip hop, soul, and R&B influences into a fresh, emotive sound. Be sure to check him out and stay tuned for what’s next.

You can stream Trevour Amunga’s “Akira’s Blues” EP on all major platforms now. Just search his name on Spotify and you’ll find these effortless tracks ready to vibe to.

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