222 (Original EP) by Hannah Dorman

Discover POP 222 (Original EP) by Hannah Dorman

Hannah Dorman has released a new Ep, "222" is not only an angel number but is also the angelic Ep Hannah Dorman has made. "222" reminds me of the works of Avril Lavigne and ke$ha if they were more electronic pop /pop-punk.

Hannah Dorman's Singles are consistently powerful and strong, with melodies that will get stuck in your head and vocals that are just pop star perfection.

The singles in "222" are feel-good songs with a hint of mystery and strength to them that motivates you. The catchy singles are meaningful and impressive with their composition. I especially liked "Gullible" in this Ep.

You must give 222 (Original EP) by Hannah Dorman a listen.

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