ZEROTIME (Original Album) By Matthew Cobis

TOP BEST HITS ZEROTIME (Original Album) By Matthew Cobis
 ZEROTIME (Original Album) By Matthew Cobis ZEROTIME (Original Album) By Matthew Cobis

I am personally propelled to introduce another album by the talented artist and music producer "Matthew Cobis." Check out his previous review "Black Star". A total of twelve original full-length tracks are included on the original "ZEROTIME" album. Listening to Matthew's music as someone who produces music, I found the amount of creativity overwhelming.

A solid, energetic, and complicated mix dealing with the high temps while being creative with a perfect bitch blend and balance is not something anyone can achieve without years of experience. Anyone can make music right now with all the gadgets and easy solutions around, but no one can make great music from scratch in a short time like Matthew did, putting all his effort into giving you a unique listing experience. This Album can be described as extravagant propulsion, from putting the tracks together to ordering them and not to mention the Naming ... Liste to it entirely with no skipping ;)

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