You’re a Nice Guy But… (Original Single) By Rich Chambers

TOP BEST HITS You’re a Nice Guy But… (Original Single) By Rich Chambers

Rich Chambers is back with another Rock n Roll resurrection to add to his list of achievements. His incredible contributions will bring back the glory days of Rock n Roll and his little twist will make it the perfect 2020s version of 80s Rock n Roll.

Rich Chambers is a rising artist and an incredibly talented one... A genius behind the guitar with incredible vocals and delivery accompanied by a performance worthy of a Grammy; Rich Chambers is truly an artist that’s worth keeping an eye on. In fact, he’s been described as Canada’s best-kept secret by the FLEX music blog and we quote "One of Canada's best-kept secrets, Rich Chambers could easily become a household name in a matter of months!". The road goes only up from here Rich Chambers.

His latest single "You’re a Nice Guy But..." is just incredible. Telling a story that everyone can relate to in combination with a series of insanely energetic guitars and drums and hilarious lyrics, the song is surely Rich’s next masterpiece. The story of the song is simply, Welcome to the friend zone with a crazy fun music video to back it up.

Aside from his style and music, Rich Chambers has over 16,000 likes on his Facebook page, 2500 Twitter followers, 3500 Youtube subscribers, and 4000 Instagram followers. This man has already made it and all he wants to do is entertain people. He already rocks over 17000 Spotify monthly listeners and over 2,000,000 streams of his music and over 1 million streams on "the Snow Miser vs. Heat Miser," the masterpiece from his last album "Santa’s Rockin’ Band,"; Ladies and gentlemen, Rock N Roll hasn’t died and Rich is bringing it back.

So hop on Spotify and get on streaming check out his latest song "You’re a Nice Guy But..." then check out all his songs as the entertainment won’t be stopping. Also, be sure to check out his website to stay up to date with all his latest projects and music. 

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