You Lived Here Like a Tenant(Original Single) By Lethia’s Natorium

HYPE You Lived Here Like a Tenant(Original Single) By Lethia’s Natorium

On October the 28th, the one-woman band Lethia's Natorium released "You Lived Here Like a Tenant." Pena Hughes-John, or Pena as she prefers to be called, stated that she has no intention of submitting to the crowds' standard of music; instead, she crafts her own route and makes music the way she wants and her fans like.

The music is incredibly groovy and an old-school 80s sound. It has a nostalgic air to it, with lovely calming dreamy vocals.

The structure of the song is nostalgic and lively, borrowing inspiration from Abba's "one of Us." The lyrics are serious, detailing how the bad tenants, we humans, are ruining the environment and how these horrible people will pay the price one day. The words serve as a cognitive message, prompting us to consider our activities in relation to the environment.

Lethia's Natorium explains that she wanted to write the song from a landlord's point of view "it would have been easy to write a general climate change song but instead, I wanted to look at it as if it was a landlord and tenant relationship. The landlord being the earth and the 'unruly tenants' being the human race. Unlike a normal landlord and tenant, where the tenant generally pays rent, the landlord on this occasion starts the song off with : "I allowed you to live here. Did not charge you a fee...."" I am truly in love with the creativity Lethia's Natorium exhibits with these imaginative lyrics that help put things in a closer perspective, to help the people actually realize how unfair we have been treating our planet.

Pena Hughes-John is an artist who is not afraid of the public and will do anything she wants to make her music; she remains true to herself and simply follows her heart, It takes a lot of guts for artists to stand their ground and do what they desire, and I applaud her for her strength and honesty, artists should follow in her lead to start taking back control of their music making music unique to them, and not just following the commercial music agenda!!

Her music is hard to forget, owing to her excellent sense of composition and unique musical style. I want to praise her for being so different from other artists and not attempting to modify her style to accommodate to others, staying true to herself. You may listen to Lethia's Natorium catalog on Spotify, but give "You Lived Here Like a Tenant" additional attention because of the song's poignant and meaningful lyrics. Follow her on social media to stay up to date on all of her news.

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