You Have a Voice, Use It By WILL SIMS

TOP BEST HITS You Have a Voice, Use It By WILL SIMS

Will Sims is back with his new powerful album - "You Have a Voice, Use It". Will has shown many times how talented he is and with this new album, he takes things to a whole other level. The songs are just killer and show off Will’s growth as an artist, both musically and lyrically.

Right out of the gate, 'Lose Control' grabs you with its big, anthemic sound. Will just let loose on the vocals over that killer guitar and drum work - it absolutely sets the vibe for the album. Gets your adrenaline going for sure. Next up is 'Move It or Lose It,' which takes things up a notch. Even faster pace with a super attention-getting groove you can't help but move to. Those opening tracks do a great job of pulling you in and making you want to crank up the volume. Things keep the energy high for the third track "To Remind You". It's one of the most introspective and beautiful songs he's performed. His raw performance will give you chills. "I Should Never Have Given up on You", introduces sweet guitars and catchy melodies.

Next is 'Fears,' which provides a nice mellow energy with its chill, acoustic-driven vibe. After that, 'What Are You Doing?' really kicks things up a notch energy-wise. One of the most full-on rockers on the album - I can totally see myself tearing down the road with the windows rolled down, volume all the way up to that one. It's the perfect driving song when you wanna rock out. Things continue at high-speed with "Lose Each Other to the Truth". Sims channels his inner rock god on this track. Its grandiose sound is reminiscent of classic arena rock. Finally, the album closes with the breathtaking "Where Are You Now?". Complex instrumentation carries Will’s vulnerable vocals on this gorgeous ending. It's the perfect culmination of this collection of grand anthems.

Each song on this album gets its chance to shine individually while still feeling like cohesive parts of a united whole. Will displays his passion and vulnerability through emotionally raw songwriting, and the musicianship throughout is just stellar. With "'You Have a Voice, Use It'", Will cements himself as one of rock's most promising artists, no doubt about it. His talent and artistry just pop on every listen. This is for sure his best work yet - an album meant to be experienced at full volume all the way through.

To fully immerse yourself in his musical vision, you have to stream the complete album on Spotify. You'll also want to follow Will Sims on social media to keep up with his latest music and releases.

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