You Better Run! – Villains Theme (Original Single) By Dirty Mitts

JUST ROCK You Better Run! – Villains Theme (Original Single) By Dirty Mitts

The opening riff of "You Better Run! (Villains Theme)" explodes out of the speakers like a call to arms. Deafening drums pound out a fierce beat as distorted guitars rage and shriek. The track is a hard-hitting anthem ready for the big screen, evoking images of epic battles and superhuman feats of heroism.

At the heart of this track are Dirty Mitts, a multinational rock group composed of Tommy, Matt, Mo, and Mateusz. Hailing from the UK, Poland, and Egypt, the band fuses their diverse musical influences into a high-energy combination of rock styles. Their latest single, "You Better Run! (Villains Theme)" was directly inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in particular the rock soundtrack that scored the action in the Iron Man film. After watching Tony Stark suit up and take flight, the members raced to pick up their guitars and began crafting the song’s iconic opening riff.

That memorable riff, with its rhythmic drive, sets the tone for the entirety of "You Better Run! (Villains Theme)." The vocals scream onto the track, loud and furious, reinforced by layers of guitars and Mateusz’s crashing drums. The overall effect is a controlled chaos ready to spill over at any second. Over this instrumental fury, Tommy’s vocals provide a melodic anchor that soars above. His performance evokes classic hard rock vocals with his raspy timbre and rebellious attitude.

At the core of this frenzy, is Dirty Mitts’ virtuosic guitarist, Mo. His abrasive tones and blistering solos relentlessly propel the song forward. Matt’s basslines are equally assertive, matching the frenetic energy of the guitars. Mateusz attacks with his drum gear with a mixture of punk rock abandon and metal precision, holding together the organized melody unfolding around him.

From its opening notes to final crescendo, "You Better Run! (Villains Theme)" is a high-octane anthem that grabs the listener by the collar and refuses to let go. Dirty Mitts have crafted a track with the same epic scope and energy as the superhero films that inspired it. "You Better Run! (Villains Theme)" announces Dirty Mitts as a rock group ready to provide the soundtrack for stories of heroes and villains, triumphs and defeats. Turn up the volume and get ready to suit up— stream the song on the streaming platform of your choice, and follow the band to always experience their intense and fun musicality.


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