TOP BEST HITSYellow Tape (Original Single) By Weird Skyence

July 15, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Yellow Tape (Original Single) By Weird Skyence Yellow Tape (Original Single) By Weird Skyence

That's right, that's right! A sound created by two multi-faceted craftsmen whose skills and abilities come together to form a sound that can only be comparable to identifying the flavors in a bottle of wine. HipHop / R&B / Rap fans, this is your next hit jam. I was first impressed by the quality of the music and the clarity and sharpness of the vocals before I noticed the melodies and an excellent 808 drum set with rhythmic engagement and instruments. This is a 10/10 rating in my book because there are no screams or out-of-tune parts. According to the artist, it resembles (Weird Science, like the famous 1980s film by Warner Brothers). It deserves to be at the top of the Billboard charts because it is a great and well-produced track

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