EDM / DanceYellow (edit) (Original Single) by Far-be

July 7, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Yellow (edit) (Original Single) by Far-be Yellow (edit) (Original Single) by Far-be

Yellow (edit) (Original Single) by Far-be is a retro sounding funky deep house track. Far-be is an all in one talented package, he composes, performs, mixes and masters everything himself. This song starts on the calmer side and slowly progresses into a more energetic and upbeat scale as it gets to its grand ending. Does this single spark happiness and joy in me? This is a rhetorical question, because as you know me I adore all deep house and edm tracks and this one does not disappoint. You should definitely give Yellow (edit) by Far-be a listen and if it is what you like he has a longer 7 mins version of it that I guarantee you will fall in love with.

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