Xsufflation (Original Single) By Odonian Drifts

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 Xsufflation (Original Single) By Odonian Drifts Xsufflation (Original Single) By Odonian Drifts  

Check out this latest original single from  Odonian Drifts, Odonian Drifts was formed in 2021 as the solo project of I.S. Rowley – poet, para-academic, and one-fifth of post-punki(ish) outfit Spirits in the Pillar, signed to AnalogueTrash. It also follows the publication of Rowley's poetry collection by Bristol indie press Hesterglock: an(other) effort to orchestrate a withdrawal from futurelessness without recourse to faticidic guruism or modish agitprop. The name of this track means  "action used as an exorcism in some rites of baptism" this song has a very deep meaning as the artist felt  (The seeds of Xsufflation were sown during the early phase of the pandemic, & grew into an effort to capture the sorrow, confusion & vexation wrought). It made me realize the truth behind my anxiety and sadness and changed my perspective.  The song features interesting melodies & full rich original lyrics solid instrument accompaniments and clear vocals with unique melodies. Check it out now...

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