Wonderful (Original EP) By Fish And Scale

TOP BEST HITS Wonderful (Original EP) By Fish And Scale

In the crowded field of talented musicians, Fish And Scale, the stage name of German artist Roland Wälzlein, stands out with his captivating style and dedicated following. With the release of his newest EP, "Wonderful," Fish And Scale expands on his musical vision and cements his status as an artist to watch.

From the opening notes of "STAY!," the first track on "Wonderful," Fish And Scale announces his intentions. Delicate guitar strumming and piano chords give way to Fish And Scale’s emotive vocals. As the song builds, Fish And Scale unleashes the full power of his voice, belting out the chorus in a climax that highlights his range and control. "STAY!" is a folk-inflected track that showcases Fish And Scale’s ability to pair simple arrangements with vocal fireworks.

The mood shifts on "Don’t Care," a groovy, propulsive track with a fun beat and playful keys. While the instrumentation is complex, Fish And Scale’s vocals remain the focus, with a melody that is simultaneously chill and anthemic.

"Feel" returns to a more laid-back sound, with alluring strings and mesmerizing vocals. It's a vulnerable track where Fish And Scale shows off the raw emotion in his voice.

The EP closes with the title track "Wonderful," which opens with a fragile piano melody and tender vocals."Wonderful" ends the EP on a literal high note, with Fish And Scale's vocals soaring in a final expression of joy and release. It's a fitting end to an EP focused on conveying emotion through a combination of delicate arrangements and Fish And Scale's vocals.

"Wonderful" deepens Fish And Scale's connection with his devoted fans and exposes his talents to new audiences, as Fish And Scale's musical net catches more and more listeners from across genres and around the world. Fish And Scale is an artist scaling new creative and commercial heights.

Fish And Scale is one of those talents with a true gift for touching hearts through song. "Wonderful" EP blew me away, and I’m sure you will feel the same too. So go ahead and stream "Wonderful" now on all the major platforms, and follow Fish And Scale to help him reach worldwide stardom and always stay updated on future releases.

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