Loud, energetic rock music is making a comeback, and UK-based band Dirty Mitts is leading the charge. Formed in 2022, this four-piece group is harmonizing decades of experience and influences into an electrifying sound that is sure to have listeners headbanging and crowds jumping. Dirty Mitts is comprised of members from three different countries - the UK, Poland, and Egypt - who were brought together by their shared love of classic rock.

Their new drop "Women," is a stomping anthem for equality featuring an instantly memorable hook that is sure to get stuck in every listener's head. Driven by a great drum beat from Mateusz and a thunderous bassline from Matt, the song initially draws the listener in with its energy. The guitar work on "Women" truly shines. The guitar tones are crisp yet edged with distortion, giving the song a sweet vintage vibe. However, it's during the solo sections where Mo’s talent is on full display. As the song builds toward its climactic ending, the guitar erupts into a fantastic solo. The complementary solos lift the energy of "Women" to new heights before the final moment. Through their virtuosic yet cohesive playing, the band proves themselves to be masters of their instruments while still serving the song. It's performances like this that make it clear Dirty Mitts is a band unlike any other, capable of redefining rock for a new generation.

With a sound that recalls the glory days of arena rock while feeling fresh, Dirty Mitts is primed to break out as the new face of rock. The band has already gained much buzz online for their roaring releases and incendiary live shows. It's clear these rockers mean business - watch out world, because Dirty Mitts is here, and they're out to dominate the rock landscape. The future is bright for this crew of worldly rockers - get ready for Dirty Mitts to take over.

To keep up with the latest from Dirty Mitts, connect with them on social media for their ever-changing tour schedule, new tunes, and other announcements. Their track "Women" can be streamed instantly on platforms like Spotify. See what Dirty Mitts has in store next by following their adventures online or with a streaming subscription.

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