Without You By RISE


The return EP "Memories and Possibilities" by Liverpool rock band RISE showcases their fresh enthusiasm and passion for music, even though it has been more than three decades since the band's original lineup performed live. With a piece called "Without You," in particular, "Memories and Possibilities" transports listeners back to the heyday of melodic rock, emulating the excitement of a moment captured in a bottle. RISE demonstrates this at the top of their game by paying tribute to personal and artistic legacies with upbeat, energetic tunes.

The trademark combination of raw rock intensity and synth-driven melodies from RISE is still present. RISE seems revitalized and ready to take back the stage, bolstered by the explosive drumming of Alex Mahoney and the razor-sharp riffing of Brian Petch. With an unbreakable hook that draws you in, Sam Kinley's vocals soar above a wall of guitars and synthesizers.

The bass player and drummer were really in sync below the singer. Paul was rocking out on the keys while Alex pounded the drums. Together they kept a cool, steady beat that made you want to rock out. At the same time, the guitarist Brian was shredding some sweet licks and riffs. He played with so much energy and skill. His guitar playing is like a lesson on how to mix melody and excitement. Both the rhythm section and Brian worked together to carefully move each song forward at just the right pace. They made sure the timing was perfect so everyone could enjoy the music.

"Without You" is dedicated to the memory of RISE's original member, who sadly passed. Paired with the synth-laden instrumentation, it's an emotionally charged track that shows RISE's talent for creating rousing anthems with meaningful messages. That spirit of remembrance fueling new possibilities is what makes "Without You" so resonant. Synthesizers swell and guitars soar, carried by rousing vocals.

"Without You" is a genuine tribute that stands out above the others, produced by the renowned Rob Whiteley. Through the magic they created together, each note contains the fervor and presence of the departed member, bringing his memory to life. As the song builds to a dramatic, high note, they provide a beautiful, bittersweet vocal performance.

After over three decades on ice, RISE have well and truly risen from the ashes with "Memories and Possibilities" and "Without You." This is the work of a band reinvigorated but also respectful of the past. It's the best restart of an era long thought gone, lighting a fire in the hearts of fans old and new alike. Here's to many more horizons ahead for these Liverpool legends. Their timeless rock is exactly what this world needs right now. Check it out on Spotify.

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