At first glance, Mark Pierret and Tom Crowell seem like unlikely musical collaborators. The drummer and guitarist brought remarkably different influences and tastes to their first band together some while ago. Mark leaned on soul and country roots, while Tom explored experimental underground sounds. But behind their divergent backgrounds lies a shared love of hook-driven pop that continues to unite them as the duo known as The Pulltops.

Now with several releases under their belt, The Pulltops have sharpened a signature style, blending pop craftsmanship with eclectic motions. The band has refined their ability to blend classic pop/rock structures with unexpected textures and instrumentation. Their songwriting has grown more sophisticated in merging vintage influences with a present-day edge.

Their latest release showcases their talent for merging retro inspiration with innovative textures. Songs like "With You" draw from beloved styles like 80s synthpop but inject fresh twists. From layered synths that cascade like waves to precise yet booming drums that drive the danceable rhythm, this song puts you in the right mood to feel free. As the song progresses, instrumentation is added and stripped away with dynamic interplay, lending the track profound depth while accentuating its immediately catchy melodies.

Songs like "With You" exemplify this balancing act The Pulltops have mastered on their latest release. Its pulsing synth line and energetic rhythm instantly invoke the new wave era of the early 80s. But shimmering guitar effects that hover and swell, along with brief moments of vocal distortion, lend an unconventional flare and sense of modernity. Merging retro with fresh, The Pulltops have defined their singular style.

The Pulltops shine bright as Milwaukee ambassadors of eclectic pop craft. Unifying diverse inspirations within polished melodies, they prove retro vibes and forward motion align. Hooky gems like "With You" embed themselves in the mind thanks to a retro pulse and surprising flourishes. Breathing fresh spirit into well-worn styles through deft hands and open ears, The Pulltops continually reshapes expectations of what indie pop encompasses. New fans interested in hearing this artful tune for themselves should be sure to follow the band and stream "With You" or any of their other tracks. The Pulltops are definitely ones to watch in the indie pop scene.

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