Who or What I Was Before By EDDIE COHN

TOP BEST HITS Who or What I Was Before By EDDIE COHN

Welcome to 2024 music fans! The time has come to crank up the volume. I've got the ideal anthem queued up to start 2024 with style. Eddie Cohn unveils "Who or What I Was Before" on his latest release, a reminder of luminous days gone by. One listen, and I'm certain this song will light your fires as we welcome a new dawn. With crunchy guitars, big vocal hooks, and a catchy lyric, this track channels the undefinable magic of 90s alt-rock at its finest. It's exactly the kind of song needed to start 2024 off on an optimistic note of personal growth and discovery.

This track has got 90s alt-rock written all over it in the best possible way. You can practically feel the sun beaming down as the guitar threads shimmering textures throughout the verse. Eddie's charismatic vocals ring with outstanding confidence that puts you at ease.

As the verses build momentum towards another jaw-dropping chorus, Eddie's raw voice complements the honey guitars swimming around him. The track checks all the boxes of what made the 90s alt-rock genre so enduring. From the crunchy rhythm section to the swooning guitar playing to the anthemic choruses, "Who or What I Was Before" captures lightning in a bottle. It feels simultaneously fresh for 2024 but carries the classic songwriting sensibilities and natural musicianship that characterized giants like Pearl Jam in their prime. Of course, it wouldn't be a true 90s rock anthem without some killer guitar work. The chorus is super appealing - just golden vocals paired with stunning guitar playing that demands your full participation.

"Who or What I Was Before" is the exact vibe boost I needed to kick off this year. It reminds me to slow down on my roll every once in a while. But Eddie serves as the best kind of reminder. His lyrics paired with that energizing indie rock soundwave are pure magic. When this song comes on, it feels like pressing reset. Turn it up loud, sing along at the top of your lungs, and rediscover parts of yourself you thought you had lost as the music transports you away.

Let "Who or What I Was Before" fuel some much-needed self-reflection as you embark on your '24 adventure. You never know what past versions of yourself might be rediscovered if you listen closely.

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