Who Is Gonna Rescue You By TRACY ECKSTRAND


Today I'm going to gush over the stellar new EP from folk-rock siren Tracy Eckstrand called 'Who Is Gonna Rescue You'. I was beyond pumped to check out Tracy's EP. And let me tell you, this six-track offering does not disappoint. Tracy presents her stunning sound, packing in lush instrumentation, gorgeous melodies, and powerhouse vocals that'll send shivers down your spine.

We kick things off with the track "Something Happened", a slow-burning acoustic number perfect for introspective coffee shop vibes. "Come Around" takes you to a smoky backroom concert, eyes closed and fully immersed in Tracy's honey-smooth vocals. Her voice has this raspy quality that just tugs at your heartstrings. Underneath is a bouncy folk-pop beat and swirling guitars that had me dancing around my living room before the first chorus even hit. Total toe-tapper to set the vibe.

Track three is a favorite, "Ghosts In My Head". It simply draws you in and keeps you there. The chorus is delivered by Tracy in such a way that it seems like she's speaking to your very core. Paired with piano and a subtle beat, it stops you in your tracks. I've had this one on repeat for the whole day, and you can already tell.

The EP builds even more momentum from there. "Borrowing Oxygen" is a super catchy, almost pop-leaning track with a driving rhythm section and percussion that'll have you dancing before you know it. "What I'm Doing" is the total vibe with its dreamy, ethereal soundscape. The closing number "Leave Behind" wraps it all up with an astonishing, folky number to get lost in.

Bottom line, if you're a fan of emotionally raw, musing songwriting with killer melodies and vocals for days, Tracy Eckstrand's "Who Is Gonna Rescue You?" is an absolute must-listen. It showcases a truly gifted creative person taking her artistry to new heights. I'm eager to follow this gifted singer’s next steps.

In the meantime, you can support Tracy by streaming her EP everywhere and checking out the rest of her discography. She's one to watch blow up in 2024. This is just the beginning, music lovers! Keep an ear out for more from Tracy Eckstrand.

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