After graduating from college and committing solely to music, YDV has garnered impressive initial streaming stats through his independent release strategy. His numbers so far indicate that by building buzz, YDV has achieved substantial early success through platforms like Spotify, with nearly 4k monthly streams. Blending influences spanning Mac Miller to The Weeknd to Bollywood sounds, YDV aims to mirror the diversity of his influences through boundary-blurring musical amalgams.

He is back with "WHERE I STAY," which has crossed the 3k stream mark on the platform since its release in May. Produced, written, and performed entirely by YDV himself, the track saw him take on all creative roles from songwriting to vocal delivery to beat-making.

"WHERE I STAY" has deep roots in hip-hop and rap through strong vocals and percussion-driven production. The song also leaves elements of pop and EDM to be heard nicely.

The instrumentation that kicks off the track establishes an intriguingly echoing and synth-soaked ambiance. YDV's vocals on "WHERE I STAY" use a judicious use of autotune. Rather than leaning heavily on pitch correction, he employs a more subtle application that brings out the expressive qualities of his delivery, and the song in general. The autotune adds a layer of texture, elevating his vocal melodies. It also helps the vocals sit well in the hip-hop-style beat while keeping an R&B/pop feel. The percussion is heavy throughout, lending brute force to drive the song forward alongside YDV's commanding presence on the mic. Choosing to prioritize low-end thump over melodic flourishes was an interesting production decision that paid off. "WHERE I STAY" shines in its textural complexity. The flow YDV taps into, especially during the bridge, makes for a great leisurely flow. Layers of reverberated sound drift in and out of the mix, with a brilliant feel that gives out the real hip-hop energy.

Born out of heartbreak and a desire to get back to his musical roots, YDV's solo pursuits are motivated by emotion and a passion for music. He has worked very hard in the DIY underground scene, throwing shows and organizing lineups in NYC. With the mixing credits from Grammy-nominated engineer Maxime Morine adding sheen to the self-sufficient single, "WHERE I STAY" stands as a gorgeous single for the former college student turned hip-hop renegade to leave his mark.

Having discovered plenty of artists, I get a genuine thrill from finding someone like YDV who is still early in their journey and possesses talent like no other. I feel fortunate to be now able to follow the pathway of an undoubtedly special musician at such a nascent stage.

YDV has solely shouldered the weight of his solo project so far, handling all writing, singing, rapping, and production duties himself. There's an underdog appeal to his DIY grind that gives "WHERE I STAY" an enduring grit. To get a good taste of what YDV has in store, be sure to stream "WHERE I STAY" now on all platforms, along with the rest of his catalog.

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