When Said Is Done (Original Single) By JOHN GOLDRUST

TOP BEST HITS When Said Is Done (Original Single) By JOHN GOLDRUST

Producer and multi-instrumentalist John Goldrust has unveiled a soulful new single that masterfully blends jazz, funk, and reggae influences into an infectious 7-minute listening experience. "When Said Is Done" arrives with energizing rhythms and melodious flair courtesy of Goldrust's talented collective of musicians.

Leading the way vocally is the sensational Ilodica, whose smooth yet powerful vocals float effortlessly above the intricate instrumentation. With a voice full of texture, Ilodica takes center stage and mesmerizes the listener from start to finish. Her vocals ride atop the rhythm section and accentuate the dynamic instrumental passages, proving she is perfectly suited as a lead singer.

Holding down the low-end on bass and driving the funky pulse of the rhythm is the multifaceted Funky Paulo. With nimble fingers locked tightly in the pocket of the bass, Paulo lays the foundation for the song's upbeat vibe. However, he is much more than just a bassist - Paulo also dazzles behind the piano and clavinet, sprinkling in dexterous melodic flourishes. As if that wasn't enough, he handles the drumming duties with crispy breakbeats and subtly propulsive percussion work. Paulo without a doubt plays a pivotal role as the backbone of the track with his versatility and musicianship across multiple instruments.

Guitarist James Cox also ensures his mark is left all over "When Said Is Done." With his blistering guitar work, Cox floats in and out of the mix with stinging licks and builds. His playing adds vibrant color and energy that elevates certain sections to lively heights. Whether providing rhythmic comping or fiery soloing, Cox brings the guitar sound to life.

Calling all the shots from behind the production console is John Goldrust himself. With his experience crafting soulful music, Goldrust shapes an expansive sonic landscape using subtle yet impactful synth tones and pleasant horn lines. Each layer blends together harmoniously while keeping every musician's part clear in the mix. Goldrust allows each player to shine through the production by capturing their performances with nuance and cohesion.

The track showcases the full band, although they have played together before in various live combinations. "When Said Is Done" represents the first time this particular lineup of talents has come together in the studio under Goldrust's guidance. Over seven minutes, the musicians take the listener on an effortless journey through changing motifs, tight grooves, and solo sections.

Fans can now stream "When Said Is Done" on all major platforms. By following the producer and the musicians on social media, listeners can stay in the loop for announcements about upcoming live performances and new music releases. Their flawless teamwork and virtuosity on display in "When Said Is Done" proves this ensemble of talents is one to watch in the future.

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