When In Rome (Original Single) by Chip Pirrs

Uncategorized When In Rome (Original Single) by Chip Pirrs

When In Rome (Original Single) by Chip Pirrs is an experimental alternative electronic pop single that will drive you mad with how unique it is. This single is a combination of vibes, it starts as just a eat without any vocals or lyrics, then comes the part with regular vocals I personally loved that part it had simple and repetitive lyrics that just stuck in my head with hypnotic low pitch vocals, while the third part also has vocals and lyrics but with a high pitch tone effect that gives it dimension and a feel good vibe at the end of it.

I am in love with this single, it's different unique, and new and I advise you to listen to When In Rome and give Chip Pirrs a follow. He is a truly talented and amazing artist that deserves recognition.

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