TOP BEST HITSWhen I Count Stars (Original Single) by Live Now!

July 20, 2022 by saiidzeidan
When I Count Stars (Original Single) by Live Now! When I Count Stars (Original Single) by Live Now!

Live Now! a project concept currently represented by songwriter and music producer Ilya Ruskikh. Live now! has released their newest single "When I Count Stars" a groovy commercial pop track that is a catchy and fun listen.

"When I Count Stars" is a motivational song to help you achieve your dreams and show you that nothing is impossible, with an upbeat melody and vibe it surely makes you feel that you can conquer the world and achieve greatness. Live Now! does an amazing job with portraying the concept of  "When I Count Stars" making us feel the positivity.

I am personally in love with this track and its optimism, a beautiful listen that will surely boost your mood. You should give "When I Count Stars"by Live Now!

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