what’s it going to take By THE PROJECT feat. MYKELE HILL

TOP BEST HITS what’s it going to take By THE PROJECT feat. MYKELE HILL

James Davis of The Project is well known by all music lovers for how he creates unique, emotionally influential songs. On his new single "what's it going to take", featuring Mykele Hill, The Project pushes his sound in an exciting new direction.

You have to sit tight when the tune starts with a powerful guitar riff. The guitar work throughout the song is phenomenal, layering thick, distortion-heavy power chords with intricate leads and fills. This gives the song a gritty backbone that gives plenty of space for the vocals.

Speaking of, the vocals are mesmerizing here. Hill said this track let her experiment with a heavier style than she's done before, and what an experiment it was. Her raspy tones are the perfect complement to Davis' hard-edged pitch.

The vocal harmonies of the pair are exquisite. There are times when the blending of their voices is so flawless that it's difficult to distinguish between them. Their harmonies surge with passion. Rather than compete for the spotlight, Hill and Davis elevate each other to new heights. You can feel the chemistry oozing from your headphones.

The song builds tension in all the right ways. An arresting call-and-response leads to an explosive bridge packed with emotion. The playing here is ethereal, with a gorgeous melody that soars above the other instruments. It's like you've entered heaven as each redemptive note washes over you.

This is by far the most ambitious and impactful work yet from The Project. The musical fusion of country, rock, and soul has never been tighter or more gripping. And Mykele Hill delivers a stunning vocal performance to match. "what's it going to take" is an instant classic that will no doubt please long-time fans while also gaining The Project many new listeners. If you enjoyed this glimpse into "what's it going to take", I highly recommend streaming the single on all platforms immediately. I can guarantee this one is going straight to the top of my karaoke playlist, too, it would be so much fun to belt out with friends! This single shows the creative heights The Project can reach when they push their sound outwards. Be sure to follow their upcoming work.

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