TOP BEST HITSWhat I Want (Original Single) By Masha and the Fam

June 16, 2022 by saiidzeidan
What I Want (Original Single)  By Masha and the Fam What I Want (Original Single) By Masha and the Fam  

Check out this latest outstanding, energetic, well-performed single form, Masha and the Fam. We can start with the video, and it's a must to watch because it is simple, straightforward, and representative, when she starts the intro while sitting like a queen on her throne and the band, appears when the rhythm goes directly to your heart, not to mention her powerful and unique voice. As for the track itself, Masha and the Fam dedicated it to each & every woman who got into a street harassment situation. Quoted by the band, "Hey Baby, is not my name!!!. While listening to this track, I felt the power of passion, and it got me a bit raged and empowered. I usually don't ask for much, but I will now, if you don't mind, guys, support this band and give it a share and listen to make them reach their goal faster because they're already on the right path.. 

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