What I came for By LA’MONTE


La'Monte, one of Philly's best, has been showing his talent for music while offering quality work with his most recent opus, "What I Came For." Almost 15k Instagram followers and thousands of Spotify plays are a testament to the loyal fan base he has accumulated over the years. La'Monte has been progressively becoming more well-known for his Thought Provoking lyrics and pleasant vibes. He is noted for his charming fusion of R&B and hip-hop. He elevates things with "What I Came For," demonstrating that he still has plenty of material to give fans and listeners.

The EP wastes no time grabbing your attention with the single "Afterparty." Smooth R&B riffs and languid drums show off La'Monte's buttery vocals. He goes hard over the beat. You can feel the buzz and vibe of the afterparty winding down as the sun comes up. Next up is "Rage/Therapy," featuring a harder hip-hop edge than previous releases. Chopped-up hi-hats and percussive keys give the beat an edgy bounce, while La'Monte spits bars with expression. His rapid-fire flow packs a punch over the uptempo instrumental.

On the other hand, "These Dream$" evokes a more mellow, introspective mood. Hazy production envelops La'Monte's vocals, enthralling the listener to a place where reality and fantasy blur together. The soothing atmosphere feels like a dreamscape you never want to escape.

With sharp, aggressive percussion and a tune that will stay in your mind all day, the EP's title track "What I Came For" turns the volume back up. Putting on his charm, La'Monte delivers a phenomenal rap performance that solidifies his status as one of the game's most gifted players.

Finally, with a frantic, adrenaline-filled finale, "Trophies" draws the curtains. La'Monte races through the beat like he's got something to prove, channeling lyrical lions like Jay-Z. It's a perfect way to end an incredibly strong collection of songs.

Throughout the five-track project, La'Monte reminds us why his artistry stands out from the crowd. His songs are smart, soulful, and packed with authentic energy that few can match. Whether delivering smooth R&B vibes, hard-hitting bars, or chill dreamscapes, La'Monte flexes his range and stays true to himself.

If you’re looking for something lowkey and vibey or high-energy bangers, La'Monte has fans covered. This is an EP meant to be experienced from front to back without skips. Do yourself a favor and stream "What I Came For" to experience La'Monte at his best.

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