We call it JUNK (Original Single) By JUNK

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If you’re looking for your standard rock, hip-hop, punk, or jazz act, move along - JUNK is something entirely different. This avant-garde musical project spearheaded by the enigmatic Dirty D, bass master Dubl A, and vocalist/guitarist Nik 'Anthem' is taking the music world by storm with their genre-bending fusion of styles. Their latest single "We Call It JUNK" is the perfect introduction to their shapeshifting sound.

Over thumping basslines and frenetic rhythms, Nik skilfully navigates complex lyrical passages with a melodic flow that glides between hip-hop, singing, and hardcore vocals. This unpredictable nature is what gives JUNK its wildly engaging appeal. No two listens are ever the same, as elements shift and transform on a dime. Breaks hammer the listener with steely jazz intensity before smoothly transitioning to rap verses. It's a dizzying yet intoxicating listen that demands attention with each new development.

Despite pushing creative boundaries, JUNK grounds their sound in tight musicianship. Nik's vocals are pitch-perfect, whether delivering poetic verses or creating hardcore hooks. Dirty D's saxophone goes off with soulful expressionism that brings new dimensions with each breathy note. And Dubl A's bass functions as the anchor tying the synced pieces together with swooping grooves.

It's no wonder JUNK has amassed a devoted following for their unpredictable sounds. Their energy is just so different, you never know where they might take their songs or sound next. Fans eagerly await each new musical detour the band takes them on.

JUNK has cultivated impressive streaming numbers, with over 4k monthly listeners on Spotify. Some of their songs have been streamed over 100K times. Through constant evolution, JUNK pushes creative boundaries with each new release. Their fresh single shows their potential is limitless as they reimagine modern music.

Their sound defies strict categorization - it's uniquely JUNK. The world is enriched by their boundary-breaking style. To hear their latest, search for JUNK on Spotify to stream the track. Dive into their full discography to see their artistic progression. Stay connected by following JUNK’s social media pages. That's the best way to receive updates on upcoming releases from this forward-thinking band redefining expectations of popular music.

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