For a decade, the intimate folk duo Highland Kites have been crafting exquisite melodies together. Comprised of Marissa Lamar on vocals, guitar, and keyboards alongside drummer Neil Briggs, the pair have established themselves as foremost talents in thoughtfully woven songcraft. Their latest single "We Both Know It" marks a special evolution for the band, with the addition of Nigel Briggs on fretless bass. Nigel brings a new richness and depth to Highland Kites' signature soundscape.

The vocals float in so warmly handled by Marissa - you can feel the care and empathy in her voice. But it's not overly sentimental, there's a certain mystery left that keeps you hanging on her every word. In the background, the drums massage along splendidly, holding everything together without demanding attention.

Her singing has such a natural, conversational quality to it. It's like she's sharing this intimate story right in your ear. Little flourishes pepper key moments, but never pull focus from her pouring heart. Meanwhile, the guitar sprinkles color so poetically overtop. And the way the bass dances between walking lines and high passages - it just grips you in.

As the climax nears, the drums perk up ever so slightly, sensing where things are headed and providing the gentlest nudge. When that final chorus swells, the emotions swell right along with it yet the tenderness from start to finish holds strong. As Marissa's voice trails off soothingly, a shimmering finale takes over to resolve everything beautifully. The bass and drums have a gorgeous exchange as everything drifts away serenely at the end.

Though everything's kept pretty stripped back, they work it all in so seamlessly to magnify each other. Marissa just pours herself into the lyrics over the top with her bandmates gently accenting around her. It almost feels like you're sitting in one of their jam sessions. Everything comes through so naturally. But somehow they keep everything crisp and clear too which is no easy feat.

Highland Kites are total pros at pouring their hearts out through atmospheric, down-to-earth storytelling. Any long-time fan will love sinking into its richness. If you enjoy beautiful, cozy folk with real emotion behind it, you need to give this track a listen. And show them support however you can - they're way too talented to go unnoticed. Can't wait to hear where their sound keeps evolving next.

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