Wax by Aurelia (Capshun Remix)

EDM / Dance Wax by Aurelia (Capshun Remix)
Wax by Aurelia (Capshun Remix) Wax by Aurelia (Capshun Remix)

Dallas artist Capshun and multi-media artist Aurelia have created a vibrant trap remix of the New York producer's debut single "Wax." Original vocals and haunting keys provide the song's foundation of solid vocal mix plus effects added, the remix adds up a punchy 808s percussions low percussions to preview in a level up electronic upbeat impressive release check out this stunning remix for this terrific song and gorgeous voice from the beautiful and talented artist Aurelia. If you are into new electronic hits, I advise you not to skip this one because this remix is catchy and tuneful and could be used on TV/radio Ads or on mobile phone promotions/ringtones...

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