Wave Goodbye By EDDIE COHN


Eddie Cohn's infectious energy comes through in his message about his latest single, "Wave Goodbye." Having found success with his previous 2024 release, Eddie is tapping into a style that's becoming popular widely. Eddie mentioned wanting to channel some Pixies and U2 vocal styles on this one. I can hear those influences, especially when hearing the grit in his voice.

Curious to hear what Eddie had come up with this time around, I excitedly gave "Wave Goodbye" a listen. This track had 90s alt-rock written all over it in the best possible way. The glistening guitar textures provided the perfect set-up for Eddie's charismatic vocals. His confident delivery almost immediately puts the listener at ease, as if welcoming an old friend.

The verse builds with layered guitars that glisten in the sun like ocean waves. You can't help but sing along to the chorus. Speaking of the chorus, it's massive. With its big, catchy melody and lyrics, it sticks in your head instantly. I found myself humming it for hours after listening. It's a chorus destined for packed stadium celebrations, where thousands of voices will join as one in celebration.

The guitars paint a striking tableau, their interweaving lines creating imagery of light dancing on water. As the verse plays out, these musical colors gradually intensify in richness and complexity. Combined musical elements come to a climactic peak that leaves you feeling uplifted. The driving beat pumps with the exuberance of a heart fully alive.

Everything sits perfectly in the mix, with each instrument and vocal clearly defined. It has that timeless quality of classic rock albums where you can pick out every element. Proper production is so important for a song to stand the test of time, and "Wave Goodbye" nails it.

With its big vocal hooks, catchy lyrics, and just straight-up great musicianship, "Wave Goodbye" is guaranteed to be one of Eddie Cohen's most memorable songs yet. It's got undefinable magic, one of those tracks you just want to hit replay on. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Eddie in 2024. Another winner from an artist who continues to deliver.

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