Watchful Days By ALI GEORGE


Folk musician Ali George has captivated audiences for years with his soulful voice and cozy storytelling through song. Now, George unveils his latest masterpiece, "Watchful Days", marking the third and final installment in his collaborative trilogy with renowned drummer Josh Clark. After two critically acclaimed albums that earned George devoted fans around the world, expectations were high for how he might wrap up this spectacular body of work. With "Watchful Days", George has delivered another album that will no doubt stand the test of time.

Across 9 elegant crafted songs, George delves into life's deepest emotions with his signature folk stylings. He is joined by an ensemble of talented musicians including cellist Beth Porter, double bassist Tom Allen, vocalist and trumpeter Dexter Selboy, bass guitarist Irakles Kopitas, organist Jools Scott, and of course drummer Josh Clark. Together, their collaborative efforts have resulted in an album of sheer brilliance.

Driven by emotive guitar playing and vocals, \"Hard to Find\" creates an intimate setting where the listener feels wrapped in the music. The cello provides the perfect complement, its dreamy quality floating in and out like a memory. This sets the tone for an album filled with thoughtful lyrics and melodies.

"Land or Gold\" features bouncier percussion that invites the listener to smile a bit harder. George's vocals and storytelling still take center stage. "Little Prophecy" follows with a chilled atmosphere reminiscent of sitting around a campfire. The guitar and vocals paint vivid imagery, while the chilled instrumentation enhances the vibe.

Midway is the folky gem "Can We Keep On Healing?.\" George's velvety vocals soar against percussion, showing the range of emotions in his artistry. Next is the romantic "Loverboy" featuring warm piano and guitar playing that conjures feelings of nostalgia. The instruments balance each other to create a sound both chill and sensual.

Things speed up somewhat with the acoustic strumming of "Monkey Boys", proving George's folk talents extend beyond more mellow sounds. Though simple on the surface, superb musicianship shines through. "Ferns" returns to a sweeter, mellow tone with gentle harmonization. The album concludes on the beautifully warm "Let Me Down Gently" - a fitting finale cementing this as yet another George masterwork.

Backed by the instrumental talents of Clark and company, each track flows effortlessly into the next like turning pages in a novel. Fans of George will find this album an engrossing listen from front to back that rewards repeat visits. For new listeners, it's the perfect entrée into his acclaimed body of work. With this trilogy now complete, George has undoubtedly cemented his status as folk royalty. His artistry and musical gifts show no signs of slowing, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what new creative paths he may explore next. For now, "Watchful Days" stands as a beautiful reminder of why Ali George is considered among the finest of his generation.

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