Wandering Aengus (Cover Single) By HERALD K

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"Wandering Aengus" by Herald K offers a simple, relaxing tune with an authentic instrumental vibe and calming lyrics that’ll be your perfect companion after a long day.

Herald K is a three-man band featuring Herald K as lead vocalist and skilled guitarist, Markus Mayerhofer dominating the pedal steel guitar, and Navid Djawada on double bass. Bonded after a series of musical events, Navid and Markus were contacted by Herald for assistance on some tracks and they’ve been working together since then. Each with their own influences and background, the trio synergized their skills to create interesting music unmatched by anyone else in the genre. Their music is a true remedy for the soul, so be sure to stream it on a calm evening to get the full experience.

All three band members have had their own set of notable achievements, with Herald K playing a double concert with Canadian songwriter Freeman Dre in the club "Music Star", and both Navid and Markus appearing on several radio stations, TV programs, and festival performances.

"Wandering Aengus" is regarded by Herald as his greatest piece yet, and he was enthralled when Navid and Markus agreed to work with him on it. Recorded during the lockdown period of the pandemic, the trio never actually met in person but still managed to make it work. Each section of the single was recorded individually, then mixed and mastered by Herald with the assistance of professionals, Robin Gillard for mixing and Walter Frotzler for mastering. A true masterpiece inspired by the 19th-century poem "The Song of Wandering Aengus" by William Butler Yeats, Herald dedicated hours to perfecting the single without removing its essence. Through dominant steel pedal guitar beats and astonishing double bass work, Harold flawlessly delivered his lyrical perfection while playing his guitar.

The single is Herald’s take on William Butler Yeats's poem, and I hope you love it as much as I did. Show the band support if you do by sharing their music and subscribing to their channel.

You can find everything about the band at https://heraldkmusic.com/

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