Kelsie Kimberlin just came out with a new phenomenal song called "Vlad" to keep spreading awareness about Ukraine. She's been using her music to show support for them in their struggle for a while now. Her last few songs like "Armageddon," "Another Chance To Live Again," and "Turn Back" were all about Ukraine and took off. As a trilogy, they got millions of views on streaming platforms and a ton of radio play all over the world. Critics loved them too.

After that success, a big radio station in the UK had Kelsie on for a full hour to talk about her connection to Ukraine and how it influenced her art. During the show, she played 13 of her Ukraine-focused songs, including a sneak peek of a new unreleased track called "Vlad." Listeners had a positive reaction to the song. People also seemed to respond well to Kelsie passionately addressing the president in her strong lyrical delivery.

Encouraged by the radio audience's enthusiastic reception, Kelsie decided to release "Vlad" across all major music platforms officially. She also unveiled an eye-catching lyrics video for the song on her YouTube channel. In the visuals, Kelsie delivers her verses surrounded by ruins and footage related to the invasion of Ukraine.

Over pounding drums and terrific guitar playing, Kelsie raps with aggression about dictatorship tactics and crimes against humanity. Kelsie's rapping prowess is on full display throughout "Vlad" as she holds nothing back in her condemnation of the attack aggression. Her flows and inflections keep the song thumping along at a breakneck pace.

She sounds confident rapping over the hard beat, commanding attention with her bold lyrical stance. While Kelsie hasn't released much rap music, "Vlad" proves she has the skills and passion to tackle the style. Just days after its release, "Vlad" is gaining strong momentum as one of Kelsie's most impactful Ukraine support anthems yet. With her undeniable artistry and large, dedicated following behind the cause, she will keep amplifying Ukraine's message of freedom on a global scale through whatever genre and creative avenues she pursues. If you want to support Ukraine while discovering a new favorite, high-energy anthem, be sure to head to Spotify now and add Kelsie Kimberlin's "Vlad" to your library.

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