Visions (Original EP) By Nickon Faith

TOP BEST HITS Visions (Original EP) By Nickon Faith

Manchester-based electronic music producer Nickon Faith has released his latest EP, "Visions", on the independent label Troubleshoot Recordings. The 4-track EP is Faith’s fourth release on the label and continues his long track record of producing clever and spirited electronic dance music.

The EP commences with the track "Visions," a production that is both ethereal and demonstrative. The wandering lead melodies and atmospheric pads serve as delicate yet potent components that set the tone for the entire release.

Following "Visions" is the high-energy production, "In Bloom." This track is characterized by rapid, layered melodies, infectious percussion, and a pulsating bassline. Faith's talent for crafting electronic soundscapes with depth is demonstrated in the complex arrangement of the song. The driving percussion and bass provide an energized backbone for the dense layers of melodies that bloom throughout the track.

The third original track, "Don't Make Me Wait," is a ravishing blend of breakbeats and dreamy vocals. The energetic breakbeats establish a powerful rhythmic base for the expansive chord progressions and drifting vocals. The emotive vocals and rich musical textures come together to create a compelling and memorable track.

To round out the EP, there is a remix of "Don't Make Me Wait" by the talented Jon Selbo, the Troubleshoot label boss. Selbo's remix is a high-energy, club-ready rave anthem that is sure to ignite early-morning dance parties and keep crowds moving. Heavy synth stabs, pounding kick drums, and distorted bass bring a hard, dancefloor-focused energy to Faith's melodic original production.

With the "Visions" EP, Nickon Faith continues to showcase his ability to produce wonderful and grand electronic music. Whether crafting a brilliant soundscape, writing hypnotic breakbeats, or developing a crowd-pleasing dancefloor anthem, Faith demonstrates versatility and skill that confirms his status as an exciting producer. This dynamic 4-track release on Troubleshoot Recordings is a stellar addition to Faith’s already extensive back catalog. The "Visions" EP is available now.


To enjoy the full "Visions" EP and keep up with future releases from this stupendous artist, I recommend following Nickon Faith on your preferred streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. Streaming the "Visions" EP in full will give you a good sense of Faith's range and creativity as an electronic music producer to watch.

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